Therapeutic ClownCorps International™

Helping “serious clowns” fill the world with laughter.

Undaunted by time zones, cultural differences, language barriers, generational and socioeconomic differences the Therapeutic ClownCorps International program crosses borders and brings joy and healing to otherwise neglected Jewish communities.   ClownCorps members utilize innate compassion and highly professional training to create meaningful shared experiences.

Each year an especially needy Jewish population in Europe is identified and intensive visitations are closely coordinated with community liaisons who identify those community members most in need.   We focus on the young and old, sick and disabled and those who are isolated in need of connection.  No one identified is denied a visit.

ClownCorps International has a special interest in working with the often forgotten Holocaust survivors and their children who have remained in Eastern Europe and suffered complex secondary traumas under communism.  Many are living at or below poverty and in much isolation.   It is central to our mission to bring happiness and utilize our therapeutic and dynamic skills to leave these individuals with fond memories and the a reminder that laughter is ok and healing can happen.

Our reach is great.  We have  visited nursing homes, community centers, orphanages, homebound elderly, hospitals and the list continues.  The impact of the Therapeutic ClownCorps International program has been significant.   With each mission comes a request for a quick return.    We are leading the way in bringing the world closer and the effect is miraculous.

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