just clowning  

Last year I spent my Chanukah with my family lighting candles, eating latkes, and receiving presents, basically what most people do. This year was a completely different experience. I spent my week dressed as a clown.

[By Zachy Adler: Read this story]

Clown on a mission  

"Hey, Nati! What's the heart of a clown? Does a clown have a heart?"
"Why wouldn't he, Dovid? Doesn't everyone have a heart? Listen, I just met a clown who definitely has a heart – I can't see it, but I know it's there! In fact, this clown started a whole program to teach people how to be clowns – clowns with hearts, that is!"
"Huh? Nati, I thought you just said everyone has a heart!"

[The Heart of a Clown: Read this story]



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