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"Serious Clowning: A Story Behind Every Smile" is the Lev Leytzan slogan, and it captures the two most important elements in every compassionate clowning experience: the discipline and dedication of our clowns, and the fragile humanity of the children and adults they interact with.

We believe that clowning is a "serious business" because of the rigorous training our compassionate clowns must undergo, and the commitment they must be willing to make on an intellectual, emotional, and physical level. Lev Leytzan clowns know that nothing less than their very best will do, because the goal is not just to entertain, but to alleviate pain, loneliness, and suffering wherever they go.

Our serious approach to compassionate clowning still leaves ample room to appreciate the purely joyful aspect of this centuries-old art form. Despite the hours, days, and months of painstaking training and preparation, we never lose sight of the ultimate goal: to lift fragile spirits and heal fragile bodies through the power of laughter.

We recognize that every participant is a unique human being: one who may have experienced hardship and suffering that we may never fully know or understand. Their lives and their stories are important, and when Lev Leytzan clowns interact with these partners in play, the collaboration results in compassionate moments that acknowledge and honor the personal stories behind every smile.

Lev Leytzan clowning experiences are built on an open and trusting partnership between the clowns and the patients: together, we create a unique work of art and a transformative journey.

"Youth need to give of themselves. Young adults share the common thread of wanting to have a spark lit, or wanting to be ignited. They need a means with which to use their gifts; only then can they actively sustain life and connect with the community."

– Neal C. Goldberg, Ph.D.,
Lev Leytzan founder


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