Helping “serious clowns” fill the world with laughter.

Every year, an exciting and diverse group of new volunteers aged 12.5 – 65 years old participate in our serious clowning workshops. Each participant learns about the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of clowning from top experts in each field.

Techniques include: using makeup and costuming to create a character; telling a story effectively using both verbal and nonverbal techniques; building on group energy during play; and using the body to create meaningful bonds with everyone involved in the experience.

Lev Leytzan clowns also learn to use specialized medical clowning techniques to connect with people who have a large variety of medical conditions as well as geriatric conditions. Our clowns learn to understand and empathize with the perspective of the patient and encourage healing joy and laughter during playful interactions.

We also prepare our clowns to cope with emotionally challenging situations. Because they interact with patients who live in pain or extreme poverty, have life-threatening illnesses, or are coping with dementia or other mental illnesses, they must be taught to handle their feelings in a healthy way that still allows them to remain fully open, loving, and playful when interacting with patients.
The rigors of Lev Leytzan's Clown Academy program require a tremendous commitment from participants, but upon successful completion, they have not only learned to bring laughter into the lives of those who need it most, they have learned valuable physical, psychological, and emotional skills that enrich their own life experiences as they mature.



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